Hole19 Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Policy for Stat Track Technologies Lda, provider and owner of the Hole19 golf platform. We are required to provide you with this under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, this is more than us ticking off a legal requirement. It is our opportunity to tell you how seriously we value the personal information that you provide to us and how we protect and respect your data whilst it is with us. Whether you are a Hole19 app user, customer or website visitor, this Privacy Policy applies to you.

From the first moment you interact with Hole19, we are collecting data, some of which is personal information about you and we need to treat it with great care. Sometimes the personal data will be provided to us by you and other times data about you is collected automatically.

Last Updated on October 19, 2020.

  1. 1

    Information You Provide Us

    • Data Collected by Using the Hole19 App
    • Public Comments, Reviews or Interactions Created by You
    • List of Type of Information That Could be Provided by You
  2. 2

    Information Collected Automatically

    • Location Information
    • Device Information
    • Additional Information
  3. 3

    How & Why We Use Your Data

    • To Manage Your Hole19 experience
    • Marketing Purposes
  4. 4

    Your Rights & Preferences

    • Your Preferences
    • Your Rights
  5. 5

    Handling of Data & Third Parties

    • How We Keep Your Personal Data Secure
    • Where We Store Your Data
    • Third Parties Who Process Your Data
  6. 6


    • What Cookies Are Use For
    • How to Refuse Cookies
  7. 7


    • How to Reach Out to Us
  8. Legal Basis

    • Contract
    • Legitimate Interests
    • Legal Obligation