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3How & Why We Use Your Data

  1. GDPR allows us only to use your data for certain reasons and where we have a legal basis to do so. We describe below how we use your personal data and the legal reasons for this:

  2. 3.1

    To Manage Your Hole19 Experience

    We will use your personal data to provide you with access to the Hole 19 app, website and associated products and services, including managing your requests, login and authentication information, remembering your settings, maintaining your account, responding to your requests, and processing payments.

  3. 3.2

    Marketing Purposes

    We may send you emails, newsletters and messages about new features, products and services, and content. We will only ever contact you electronically for marketing purposes and you can change your mind at any time.

    We'll profile you for marketing purposes so we can deliver the ads that are of most interest to you, of course only when you've given us your consent to do so.

    Marketing Filtering Information

    • Device Information (refer to that section)

    • IP address

    • Handicap

    • Gender

    • Home Course

    • Age

    • Country

    • Premium Subscription

    • Nationality

    • Marketing Profiles (Traveller, Affluent, Avid)