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2Information Collected Automatically

  1. We may automatically collect information that identifies you through various pieces of technology.
    We also collect data on how you use Hole19 in order to improve our service. Your url clickstreams (the path you take around our website and app), date and time you access the site and pages you visit.

  2. 2.1

    Location Information

    • IP address (current and last sign-ins)

    • GPS coordinates (rounds, nearby services)

  3. 2.2

    Device Information

    • Push Token
    • Date of Last Use
    • Vendor ID (iOS only)
    • Locale
    • Timezone
    • OS Version
    • Platform
    • Device Model
  4. 2.3

    Additional Information

    • Sign-In Count
    • Time of Current Sign-In
    • Time of Previous Sign-In
    • Register Source
    • Connect Source
    • Google ID (in case of Google Sign-In)
    • Facebook ID (in case of Facebook Sign-In)
    • Marketing Profiles
      • 1. Traveller

        2. Affluent

        3. Avid