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Founded in 2011, Hole19 is a leading golf technology company. Our mission is to empower golfers with tools, engage through community and excite with experiences, enriching every step of the golfing journey.

Our e-commerce platform connects the best brands in the game to the Hole19 audience, the largest community of active golfers in the world with over 4 million members, as well as the golfing public.

Our promise is an unmatched customer experience. We have designed our store such that every visitor will have a unique on-site experience. You will only see the brands and products that are most relevant to you. Hole19 is here to serve as your own “Personal Pro Shop”.

Our store is designed to connect you to the best brands in golf. We work a little differently to other retailers, in that rather than managing products through our own inventory, the brands we partner with ship directly to you. This efficient process allows us to offer an extensive selection of products from all categories, providing you with a wider range to choose from, while our primary focus remains on delivering the best possible shopping experience.

We have dedicated Customer Support staff waiting to assist you, so whether you have a question about a specific product, or just looking for some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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