We connect the world of golf

We are obsessed with connecting you to the world of golf. Whether by allowing you to discover great courses, gaining a better understanding of your game, or connecting with golf friends from all over the world, our team works hard to give you a better golfing experience.

I didn’t have the right tools to understand how to play better. That’s how the idea came to life.

Anthony Douglas, CEO

The team

Young, energetic and talented, our team is made up of designers, engineers, course mapping experts, marketers and golfers. Find out who the Hole19'ers are below!

  • Anthony Douglas
    Anthony Douglas


  • Elias Silva
    Elias Silva

    Software Engineer

  • Catarina Mendes
    Catarina Mendes

    Head of People

  • Mafalda Gil
    Mafalda Gil

    Customer Service

  • Lénia Rufino
    Lénia Rufino

    Executive Assistant

  • Carlos Damião
    Carlos Damião

    Software Engineer

  • Vera Reis
    Vera Reis

    Customer Service

  • Francisco Silva
    Francisco Silva

    Head of Finance

  • João Costa
    João Costa

    Software Engineer

  • Nuno Grazina
    Nuno Grazina

    Product Manager

  • Alisson Oliveira
    Alisson Oliveira

    DevOps Engineer

  • Pedro Vinhas
    Pedro Vinhas

    Software Engineer

  • Vera Calvário
    Vera Calvário

    Head of Customer Service

  • Lénia Duarte
    Lénia Duarte

    Customer Service

  • Raquel Melo
    Raquel Melo


  • Ricardo Santana
    Ricardo Santana

    Customer Service

  • Pedro Glória
    Pedro Glória

    Software Engineer

  • Gonçalo Silva
    Gonçalo Silva

    Software Engineer

  • Patrick Butterfield
    Patrick Butterfield

    Partnerships Executive

  • Javier Zárate
    Javier Zárate

    Marketing & Communication

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas

    Product Manager

  • Jorge Robalo
    Jorge Robalo

    Customer Service

  • André Andrade
    André Andrade

    Software Engineer

  • Max Harvey
    Max Harvey

    Head of Partnerships

  • Pedro Lança
    Pedro Lança

    Head of Design

  • Richard Spink
    Richard Spink

    Community Manager

  • Vasco Marques
    Vasco Marques