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Offering accurate GPS distances for 39,000+ courses worldwide, along with digital scorecards, the ability to track your scores and stats and the possibility to share and connect with all your golf buddies, Hole19 gives you everything you need to truly enjoy golf.


    Get precise GPS distances so you can make better and quicker decisions when you're on the course.

  • Digital Scorecards

    Hole19 provides an easy way to track your score on the course. You can later review your rounds, save them or share them with your friends!

  • Score Tracker

    Track your score easily through your phone or smart watch, so you can focus on your game.

  • Performance Statistics

    Stay on top of your game by tracking your GIR%, driving accuracy, putts, per club distance (iOS) and much more.

  • Social Features

    Because golf is better with company. Share your greatest achievements and defeats with a worldwide of passionate golfers.

  • Course Discovery

    Choose from 95% of the courses, complete with real-time weather information, course leaderboards, ratings and reviews.

  • Highlights

    See and showcase the highlights of your golf career, summarised in one place. Best Hole, Best Score, Most Played Course and many more.

  • Club Statistics

    Know exactly how far you hit your shots with each club when using the Advanced Input. Now you can see average and maximum distance per club in your bag including the accuracy.

  • Notes

    Improve your course management strategy by adding notes to any hole. Next time you tee it up, you can consult your notes and make a more confident decision before hitting your shot.

  • Advanced Statistics

    Get a deeper insight into the development of your game over time. Trendline graphs showing key statistics such as Scoring, Driving Accuracy and much more.

  • Premium Content

    Get access to curated golf content with interviews, highlights, instructional content and more.

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Course Discovery

The place for your next great round.

On Hole19 you'll be able to find over 39,000 golf courses worldwide. Complete with real-time weather forecast, course leaderboards, scorecard, community ratings and reviews.

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Connect With Your Buddies
Connect With Your Buddies


With Your
Golf Buddies

When you share your rounds, photos and stories with your followers, your golf becomes more social and fun, on and off the course.



No more spreadsheets. Hole19 presents you with a graphical breakdown of how you performed in each aspect of the game. Know where to cut down those extra strokes.

Intuitive Performance Graphics
Experience the Game Like Never Before Experience the Game Like Never Before


The Game Like Never Before

Getting GPS distances and keeping score is as easy as raising your wrist, so you can focus on having fun and hitting your best shots.

Hole19 Clubhouse

Your Online
Player Profile

The Clubhouse gives you access to your stats and round history from anywhere, desktop or mobile. So you can refer to, learn from, and share your rounds of golf.

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