Come work with us

Join us in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. Home of the WebSummit and one of the fastest growing startup hubs in Europe.

You’ll work out of an awesome office located in central Lisbon and you’ll get to join us on our golfing team classes, beer Fridays or Speaker Series.

Our values

This is what makes us tick. Here are some of the values we live by

  1. Connect

    We believe in connecting as a team both inside and outside the office. And we work together in our mission to connect the world of golf.

  2. Impact

    The work we do everyday has an impact and we know that even though we are still a small team, the impact we are having on the world of golf is anything but small.

  3. Challenge

    Nothing that’s worth it in life comes easy. We do not shy away from challenges, and are willing to put in the necessary effort to overcome them.

Our friends from Google made a video about us